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TOP 3 sandy beaches in Split

The city of Split is surrounded by beautiful and clean beaches. We will dedicate this article to the sandy ones we love so much!

BEACH BAČVICE – TOP 3 sandy beaches in Split

Bačvice beach is the most famous beach in the town. A true natural phenomenon in the center of town is a shallow sandy cove. The beach is open to the first swimmers in 1919 and since then is a symbol of the city of Split. Because of the variety of contents cafe bar, restaurant, children’s playground, water attractions, disco club  Bačvice beach is ideal for all ages; families with children as well as for young and couples. At Bačvice a famous game was born “Picigin”. Every year at Bačvice is held the “World Picigin Championship”. You can watch the beach live on the live stream BACVICE LIVE

ZENTA BEACH – TOP 3 sandy beaches of Split

It is located in the southern part of the Split Pond. Zenta beach is smaller than Bačvice beach. A shallow sandy cone ideal for families with children! On the beach there is a cafe bar, tennis courts, a cult disco club called ZENTA.

BENE BEACH – TOP 3 sandy beaches of Split

The beach is located in the northeastern part of Marjan. Pine forest makes shade throughout the day! The beach is part of a sports recreational center and has many facilities s
uch as tennis courts, cafes, restaurants, soccer fields, outdoor gym, various children’s attractions, … The beach cannot be reached by car, only public transportation or famous little white train that leaves from the promenade.  Part of the beach is arranged for people with disabilities.Beach Bene as Bačvice has its own hymn! 

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