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What is for breakfast?

Breakfast “a la Corner”

The most important meal of the day not only stimulates metabolism but also provides energy for the rest of the day. With food we receive the necessary energy, information is better received and we have a better memory. We try to make our breakfast special, varied. It’s very important to keep quality balance, breakfast should not be poor with calories so that we will not be left without energy or too much enriched with calories.


Find out what kind of breakfast is in Hotel Corner!

You eat breakfast alone, share your lunch with a friend, and give dinner to your enemy …

Several curiosities about food for the end
Did you know that apples float in water because a quarter of the fruit contains air?
Did you know that the most expensive fruit in the world is Japanese melon named Yubari – one auction was sold for about 70 thousand.
Did you know that Chocolate once used as a means of payment?

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