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Yachting Croatia!

Yachting Croatia – one of the most exciting ways to spend your summer and to meet and fall in love with the Adriatic Sea is the yacht charter! Croatia is famous for its crystal clear sea and as one of the most indented coasts in the world. Full of surprisingly beautiful islands and hidden bays, Croatia is called the land of a thousand islands, along the coast there are 718 islands and islets, 389 rocks and 78 reefs. Our team of experts will arrange a trip to your liking! You want to enjoy untouched nature but also want to visit cities of historical architectural importance, such as various sea tunnels, fortresses, churches etc. Truly the possibilities are endless! Yachting Croatia has been booming in recent years! Croatia is recognized as a charter destination of dreams with reason. Sailing from the north to the south will keep you warm sunbeams along the crystal clear sea, which is still a dream for you!

Yachting Croatia

Perla Yachting – we will tailor your dream journey by your wishes! We also offer a VIP transfers from the airport directly to the yacht. Each guest will be welcomed with a welcome gift on board. Choose one of our luxury yachts and our partners will arrange your trip in agreement with you and your skipper! Our offer includes a charter ship from 2007 and PRINCESS 55 – PERLA 2. from 2018.



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